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Clinique Lumafilm Animation Video
Magic Minutes - Lumafilm Animation Video
The girl effect Motion Graphics  - Lumafilm Animation
Our Full Animation Process

Explainer Animation 

at your fingertips

Explainer Animations

At your fingertips

Chat to us

Have a quick chat to our team about your requirements here

Questionnaire / Research

We send you a simple questionnaire that helps us know exactly what you need.

We create an epic script

This is where we create a unique script for you that keeps your audience engaged throughout. If you have a script already we can check it over and help make it even better!

Voiceover Recording

We send you a choice of voiceover artist and a simple questionnaire that will tell the artist exactly how you would like the script performed. You will be sent a sample and once approved we get the full thing recorded for you in high quality.


First, you will receive a “theme storyboard” this Is 5 slides that allows us to show you the style, font, colours, and graphics that will be used throughout. After this is approved we create the full storyboard so you can see exactly what your animation will look like. 


Let’s get animating! Now we have a fully approved storyboard we can make it into an animation that you will love the first time. We make sure our animation is smooth and flows perfectly between scenes.

Music + Sound FX 

We add great sound effects and music to really up the production level. This really is a magic touch that not many animation teams do. It really brings it all together!

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