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Book Recommendation: Rebel Without A Crew - Robert Rodriguez

Updated: May 19, 2020

No, that's not a misspelling of the 1956 Nicholas Ray Film, "Rebel Without A Cause". This is a non-fiction, diary format book by Robert Rodriguez. The book takes you through step by step of how Robert Rodriguez was able to fund and then produce his first feature, "El Mariachi", partly by donating his body to science - he even has scars on the back of both arms to remind him of his pains and sacrifices.

It reads through a time prior the digital age for filmmakers, where everything was shot on film - Now, shooting on film was extremely costly! ...Not only did you require rolls upon rolls of film stock. But, you need film processing, off-line editing not to mention the obvious filming equipment and (And after a wrap it's then off to transfer celluloid stock to video)

Without giving away too much, this book is not only an insight on the methodology behind his film making techniques and distribution, but also a fine example of will power and determination.

Rodriguez does not want to hear your excuses: if you have access to a camera, ANY kind of camera, there's absolutely no reason why you can't go out and make a film.

There's an abundance of technology and software to churn out Hollywood-esque imagery in your own home - you just have to be savvy about it.

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